Speed and Accuracy Test 2

Welcome to your Speed and Accuracy Test 2

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The Test:
This is a speed and accuracy test. Please select weather the each string is Identical or different on each line

There is a time limit of 5 minutes and there are 300 questions (that equates to one question per second). Its fine if you dont finish, and please only take the test once

After you finish, please click 'Submit'

Thank you 🙂

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1. l#b0S95GC2    l#B0S95GC2
2. U17A!GyJHg    U17A!CyJHg
3. 0Ic7!Sf&Yt    0Ic7!Sf&Yt
4. 6AO%w5@FQL      6AO%w5@FQL
5. 9431848326    9431848326

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